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Piedmont & Northern #5103

ELECTRIC BOXCABS - There were (and even are) jillions and zillions of other boxcab electrics; the Pennsy specialized in them and the Great Northern wasn't far behind.  However, this page overloaded, so I've separated out the electric boxcabs and created a new page, ELECTRIC BOXCABS, et seq.

OLD LINKS now directed to ELECTRIC BOXCABS Page:

MILW #102000.

Piedmont & Northern #5103 N&W's ELECTRIC BOXGON!


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Few boxcabs were odder, as a sizeable group, than those bought or assembled by the Texas-Mexican Railway, originally a U.S. RR (1856) which later ran from Corpus Christi into Mexico (1877), then was acquired by the Mexican government (Ferrocarriles de Mexico, ca. 1900), sold to Transportašion Maritima Mexicana (in 1982), and finally acquired (49%) by the KCS (in 1995) and still running!  Starting with seven (7) boxcabs from Whitcomb with DeLaVergne engines, #501-507, delivered from Jul through Sep 1939, B&M #1141, a St. Louis Car Co. railcar with a Cooper-Bessemer engine, #508, two Baldwin boxcabs with Baldwin engines, #509-510; they finally ended up with two more St. Louis Car Co. units with Cooper-Bessemer engines in Jul 46, #700A/B, and two again in Aug 47, #701A/B, all with Westinghouse gear.  By then, several endcab units had also appeared, but not before these boxcabs were renumbered so many times I can't really follow it and some renumbered back again, and some were converted to endcabs and at least one converted back to a boxcab, and paired units broken up and single units paired , etc., etc., etc., ad infinitum!  Do you wonder I call them odd?

All of this is spelled out in excruciating detail in Extra 2200 South ("a quarterly magazine dedicated to railroad diesel locomotives in North America"), Issue No. 42, Sep-Oct 73 (out of print).

Suffice it to say that, since I will not violate copyright, I must rely on readers contributions to illustrate this odd lot; here's #600A/B and here's #503 and 506 rebuit as endcabs:

TexMex 600A/B TexMex 503 & 506
(Tex-Mex photos courtesy of Jess Patton)
[Thumbnail images - click on photos for larger images.]

Next we have #700 and an enlarged view of the left background, showing a whole string of old, single-ended boxcabs (apparently 600s):

TexMex 700 TexMex string
(left photo by J.Patton, 1961; right photo 1940, from J. Patton Collection)
[Left thumbnail image - click on photo for larger image.]

Next, a damaged old photo of what appears to be a 600-pair, and a #503 as a boxcab:

TexMex 600pr TexMex 503

A #501 as a boxcab and the back end of a #700:

TexMex 501 TexMex 700

We end with a badly tattered old photo of the 700-pair (probably when new):

TexMex 700pr
{torn edge "prettified" by SB,III}
(Tex-Mex photos courtesy of J. Patton)

The 700s were assembled by the Tex-Mex shops from standard components shipped in from St. Louis Car, Cooper-Bessemer, and Westinghouse.

There are now more than fifty (50) BOXCAB pages;
see the main Boxcabs page and the Boxcabs INDEX.

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